Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hey, guys! I'm hoping to be back in business by tomorrow evening. Hurricane Ike took its toll on the Castle, but we were more fortunate than most. So, anyway here's hoping I see all of you tomorrow.


Karswell said...

Just glad to know we'll get more of that catalog soon. Ummm, and also that you're alive of course. But not in that order.

Care to share your Ike Adventure?

prof. grewbeard said...

mother of god!...

well i'm back finally.

Hurricane Ike left 2.1 million households without electric power initially(most of my friends still don't have it back yet)out of 2.2 million total. there is a curfew.
it will be a while before Houston recovers. we were lucky, but since i'm about as addicted to The Internet as smokers are to nicotine it was NO FUN.

thanx for your concern, i'm planning on posting more pages today after i pick up all my marbles...

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