Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Batman #180 - Death Knocks Three Times

Thanx to THOIA, i now know this awesome-looking book is out!
Hmm, looks familiar...

Chapter Two tomorrow!
Because I care...


Karswell said...

There's an interview in the book with Jiro Kuwata and he talks about how his editors basically handed him a bunch of DC Batman issues and told him to go at it for the Japanese version. They obviously handed him this issue as he totaly got the moldy eye sockets down perfect.

Let me know when you get this book Prof, it's a phenomenal collection. I finally finished reading all the stories last night and have just been marveling at the toy photos and stuff. Chip Kidd even mentions that thanks to some ebay leads there will definitely be a Bat-Manga Vol 2 someday too!

prof. grewbeard said...

re: Let me know when you get this book-

sure thing, but it might not be til Xmas!

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