Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kunio Miyauchi - Music of Ultra Q and Ultraman

From vinyl. Not the original cover. I'm tired.


Radiation Cinema! said...

Looks cool. Rest up. -- Mykal

Anonymous said...

Always the best blog!

Congrats from Argentina.


Karswell said...

Ultra Q is one of the greatest shows ever, the Baron Spider episode is still to this day the creepiest 25 minutes of televized TV terror ever aired in any country.

Have I shown you that pic of me and Hiroko Sakurai? I met her at San Diego Con a million years ago. She was awesome. My first crush.

ALSO: Word Verification is "Phothron." Didn't one of the Ultra Bros fight him sometime in the early 70's?

prof. grewbeard said...

personal favorite episodes-"Balloonga", "Challenge from the Year 2020" &...well, too many others to list here.

i'd LOVE to see an pic of you'n'Fuji!

when is a band going to get their name from word verification?...

Noah said...

sorry to plead ignorance of ultraman Q, we are huge ultraman fans in my house, but we've never seen Q. where is it available?

prof. grewbeard said...

i've gotten lots(tons)of great quality stuff from these guys, including Ultra Q.

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