Monday, January 11, 2010

Dell Frankenstein #4 - The Return of Mr. Freek (Conclusion)

For more from this issue go here.


rogue evolent said...

And remember kids, "he has no supernatural power...he's just super strong." Frank N. Stone could grow on me Prof!
And that MissAnnThrope...hubba hubba :)

KW said...

the last frame of the 2nd page would make a great blown-up framed image for hanging over the fire place in the living room. (if i had a fire place)

Mykal said...

Prof.: Forgive me for missing a few posts, but you have been posting some absolutely awesome stuff of late. I have never heard of this title, but it is the coolest. I have got to look up this title for my own collection. This post is the best of the bunch - the pages of the battling animals are beautiful! -- Mykal

prof. grewbeard said...

not to ever worry Mykal, i can never keep up myself, there's too much good stuff out there...

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