Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Goof #2 - The Strange Case of Doctor Syclocks

Some time ago I threatened to post a Super Goof vs. Phantom Blot comic that I thought I had, turns out that I was confused and it actually featured another clad-all-in-black character named Doctor Syclocks. Super Goof comics were different in that Goofy's character is comic-relief for an otherwise straightforward suspense tale. It's really only a "funny book" because the cast are all talking Disney animals, otherwise it could be a Batman(or Plastic Man)comic. I think. I also think I need a nap...

Part Two...soon.
For more Super Goof check out my friend Mykal's Big Blog Of Kid's Comics!


Mykal said...

Prof.: The splash panel is an absolute crusher. Super Goof was the only superhero to live in abject poverty; and what other superhero would ever cut out newspaper stories of his exploits and pin them to his wall with thumbtacks?

Goddamn but I love the Goof. The reasons for my devotion are many, but I think the essence of my love may be captured rightly in the moment when Super Goof stumbles on a real crime when all he meant to do was help a guy change a blowout. Goofy is always led by his good heart.

Garsh, what a great post! I’ll be watching for part two like a hawk. -- Mykal

prof. grewbeard said...

and i'll be scanning it like a snail!

KW said...

troubles is gettin deep! don't leave us hangin fo too long, brotha!

prof. grewbeard said...

well, i wanted to scan and post part two tonite but NOOOO, me & the wife had to watch J. J. Abrams' Star Trek(i blame him). talking about "an alternate reality", i must be living in one 'cause i thought it mostly sucked, unlike the rest of the planet(Earth, that is)...

Thomas said...

Wow! Thank you VERY, VERY mucch for your fantastic service - quite obviously a labour of love.
I have been searching for this story for decades (really, since the mid 70's!) but have never been able to find it anywhere.
You made me (and of lot of others here too, I bet) **VERY** happy!

Enjoy life!

prof. grewbeard said...

glad you like please also see-


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