Friday, October 2, 2009

Bald Head Caps (TOR!!!...), Plan 9 Underscore



Anonymous said...

Did Plan's 0-8 also fail?
I picked this Movie up on
DVD for One Buck at The Dollar
Tree Store.Used it to put my
coffee cup on until it got stuck
on the bottom.(Dollar Tree Cobalt
Blue 2000 Y2K Cup)$1.00.
Your Blogs site very nifty thanks
must Mannerd G.Crebbs

prof. grewbeard said...

did you watch it first?...

Anonymous said...

Yes I did watch this grave diggers from space b rated Flick ....
anyone wants to watch it can go to this link with your permission Prof.Grew_beard.Its That wavy gravy haired Dapper Dan intro that is so bad.Ed Wood was so cheap on his films.I plan to listen to your sound tracks
And Once Again I do like your blogs site Thanks The Crawling Eye~~O`

KL from NYC said...

Actually, I never thought the movie was that bad -- there are worse films than the ones Ed Wood made. But anyway, thanks for the soundtrack.

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