Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ball Records - Ghost Stories

Sad to say, I'm running out of the good stuff, at least stuff that's inescapably October Country. I know it has a cool cover but posting this is like dropping a stale caramel apple left over from last Halloween into the ol' Trick-or-Treat bag and having it tear a hole in the bottom. For completists only. Of course, I love it. Well, Side One anyway...


prof. grewbeard said...

you know, i think you're being too hard on this one. that first track has a genuine let's-pretend vibe to it- i can see a small group of enchanted children letting the glowing Halloween magic fill the room like the smell of freshly cut and candled Jack-O'Lanterns raining candy corn down like autumn leaves and...i must be high.

fangbang said...

With good stuff like can "drop" all the old "candy" in my "TRT Bag". I'll take whatever I can get and this is some of what Halloween is all about isn't it? Thanks for the download.

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